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Portable Printing Systems from HellermannTyton

Cable Identification Products - HANDHELD SPIRIT 2100 Portable Printing System

We offer a large selection of Hellermann Tyton identification products for wire, cable and component marking. Windows based TagPrint Pro labeling software, along with computer printable labels for dot matrix, laser, ink jet, and HellermannTyton's thermal transfer printers produce high quality text, numbers and bar codes. And with adhesive and non-adhesive markers in both blank and pre-printed styles, Hellermann Tyton can efficiently and economically meet most any industrial labeling need.

HellermannTyton?s Spirit 2100 portable printing system is easy to use and features ?What You See Is What You Get? (WYSIWYG) label design and creation on a LCD screen that shows the outline of the label. Just type in the text (which is displayed on the screen), choose from several print sizes, and press the print button. It's that simple! The printer automatically detects the label and determines the proper size template for easy editing. The Spirit 2100 provides fast, high quality, thermal transfer printing for permanent and highly legible label printing. The Spirit 2100 prints on many different types of label materials for wire, cable, and component marking. Self-laminating, white and metalized polyester, and tamper evident materials for calibration and security labeling are available for use with the Spirit system.


  • ?What You See Is What You Get? (WYSIWYG) label design and creation; the label will print just like it looks on the screen
  • Font and image customization
  • Automatically centers text during label editing process
  • Easily imports graphic images onto labels
  • Prints with popular bar code symbologies including Code 39, Code 128, and EAN
  • Vertical print option for patch panels, wall plates, terminal blocks, and wire markers
  • Prints serial numbers on labels with ?serial? text type (Spirit 2100 will also automatically remember the last serial number printed the next time the saved label is used)
  • Ribbon is longer than the industry standard which translates into fewer ribbon change-overs
  • Battery power and a convenient hand strap makes the Spirit 2100 extremely portable and accessible (AC adapter also available)
  • Auto ?fill? feature to copy one line of text to all other lines on the label

SpiritLink is a utility that allows data to be transferred back and forth between the Spirit handheld printer and a computer. Using SpiritLink, saved files can be uploaded or downloaded to a personal computer and even transferred to other Spirit printers.

Batch Printing
SpiritLink allows you to take label data that is already in a database and upload it as a batch to the Spirit printer. This eliminates tedious and redundant data entry, reduces keyboard entry errors, and speeds production. Simply connect the Spirit printer to a personal computer using SpiritLink, and download a database file. Once a database file is downloaded to the Spirit printer, the file can be accessed from the Spirit printer and labels can be printed on demand in the field.

Edit Logging
For the first time, a portable label printer is smart enough to keep track of what you printed! The Spirit printer keeps a database file of printed labels which can be used to keep track of every label printed. This feature has many useful applications. For example, a telecom contractor using the Spirit printer would automatically have a record of any moves, adds, or changes to an installation. The contractor could also download this information and transfer it to existing cable management software or save it for future use.

The ribbon is supplied in a self-contained cartridge for easy loading. One ribbon per package.

Label Loading
Each roll of labels is loaded onto a reusable spindle. Simply drop the label roll into the printer, pull the labels over the top (like loading film into a camera) and close the cover. The printer automatically feeds and aligns the labels.

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