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Cable Routing - Raceways by HellermannTyton

Tyton Surface Raceway (TSR)
 Tytons Surface Raceway (TSR)
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InfoStream Multi-Channel Raceways

A revolutionary new multi-channel raceway, InfoStream features a unique, rounded profile which offers a sleek appearance and helps absorb shock. Many features, including InfoStreams light weight, make it a favorite with installers and end users. Here is why one customer prefers InfoStream: Since InfoStream is lighter, one person can hold up a single piece and install it. This ultimately allows us to cut back on labor and shipping charges.

 Infostream, Multi-Channel Raceway
 Multi-Channel Raceway Fittings
 Cable Routing Solutions

Wiring Duct

HellermannTyton manufactures wiring duct from high impact and rigid PVC for routing and protecting wire and cable.

The slotted duct features break-away fingers which provide additional access for wire and cable. Each section of slotted duct is provided with two score lines. The first one is at the base of the finger which allows the finger to be bent and broken away when a greater opening is required. The second score line is lower which allows a section of the sidewall to be easily removed by simply cutting the sidewall down to the lower score line and snapping out the desired section. These two score lines provide smooth edges to ensure user comfort and cable safety. For straight wire runs where break-outs are not required, HellermannTyton also provides solid wall duct.

The covers are flush with the side of the duct and also are provided with a non-slip plastic lining to ensure that the covers remain in place. The covers must be ordered separately.

 Wiring Duct

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