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Sheer Wire Distributor and Wholesaler

Welcome to Installers, Dealers and Corporate End Users

If you are looking for a Sheer Wire distributor, wholesaler and supplier you are in the right place. Our dedicated team of professionals can help you find the most suitable products for your application. As one of the most reliable Sheer Wire distributors and wholesalers on the East Coast we serve customers with bulk cable and wire for commercial and residential cabling.


For years we supplied products from Sheer Wire and other leading manufacturers of interconnects and we served cabling Installers, Dealers, Builders, Stores and Corporate End Users with all the copper and fiber optics to cover a very large diversity of applications and markets.

Contact us today to order Sheer Wire  audio cable, video cable, control cable and lighting cable. If you know the Sheer Wire part numbers you are interested in, please list them when you request your quote. Very competitive Sheer Wire prices are available for various quantities. Same day shipping and same day delivery are also available for certain destinations, also depending on the carrier. Please see below some of the Sheer Wire products and contact us for a FREE consultation and to buy.

Audio Cable, Bulk Audio Cables, Control Cable, Speaker Wire, Shielded, Unshielded, Audio and Control, Low Capacitance, Low Loss, High Bandwidth and more

Sheer Wire Audio Cable
Line-Level Cable: Dual 24 AWG OFC
Line-Level Cable: Low-Capacitance 20 AWG
Audio & Control Cable: Unshielded
Audio & Control Cable: Shielded
High Resolution Speaker Cable: OFC Oxygen-Free
High Resolution Speaker Cable: SSA Bare Copper
High Bandwidth OFC Speaker Cable
High Resolution Dual-Zip OFC Speaker Cable
Speaker Cable: Standard Unshielded
Speaker Cable: Standard Shielded

Sheer Wire Video Cable
Broadband 75O Coax
High Definition 75O Coax
High Definition 75O Coax: Flexible
High Definition 75O Coax: Miniature
CCTV 75O Coax
CCTV 75O Coax + Auxiliary Pair
Miniature Solid Component: Riser
Miniature Solid Component: Plenum
Miniature Stranded Component: Extra-Flexible CM Rated
RG6 Solid Component: Flexible Riser Rated
Component + Two-Pair Audio
Component + Four-Pair & Four Conductors
Component & Category 5e+ UTP: Non-Plenum
SVHS Dual Miniature Coax

Home Automation
Control Cable for Use with AMX® Systems
Control Cable for Use with Crestron® Systems
Hybrid Cable for Use with Crestron® Systems
Hybrid Cable for Use with Elan® Via!® Systems
Keypad & Volume Control Cable
Total Home Hybrid Cable

Sheer Wire Lighting Cable
Power Cable for Use with Lutron® Homeworks® Systems
 Keypad Cable for Use with Lutron® Homeworks® Systems
Control Cable for Use with Lutron® Homeworks® Vareo® Systems
Control Cable for Use with Lutron® Grafik Eye® Systems
Hybrid Cable for Use with Lutron® Sivoia® Systems
Power and Data Cable for Use with Vantage® Control Systems
Control Station Cable for Use with LiteTouch® Systems
Enclosure & Module Cable for Use with LiteTouch® Systems

Quality Audio Cable for Transparent Audio Reproduction

Our company offers a large diversity of audio cables packaged in reels and boxes, such as OFC and SSA Speaker Wire, Shielded, Unshielded, Audio and Control, Low Capacitance, Low Loss, High Bandwidth and more. As a Sheer Wire distributor we help dealers, resellers, residential and commercial builders and installers with quality video cabling products designed for Transparent Audio Reproduction, Residential Audio, Home Theater, Professional Studios and other Commercial applications.


We serve markets in the USA and Canada and we pride ourselves with fast and reliable deliveries, low prices and excellent customer support. Please see below some of the bulk cable we offer for audio systems. Contact us Today and Request a Quote for Sheer Wire Audio Cable, or custom audio cable or cable assemblies.

Bulk Audio Cable & Speaker Wire

audio-and-control-cable-shielded Unbalanced Line-level: Dual 24 AWG OFC Audio Cable
 Unbalanced Line-level: Low-capacitance 20 AWG Audio Cable
 Audio & Control: Unshielded Audio / Control Cable
 Audio & Control: Shielded Audio / Control Cable
 Speaker Cable: Low-loss OFC Speaker Wire
 Speaker Cable: Low-loss SSA Speaker Wire
 Speaker Cable: High Bandwidth OFC Speaker Wire
 Speaker Cable: Dual Zip OFC Speaker Wire
 Speaker Cable: Standard Unshielded Speaker Wire
 Speaker Cable: Standard Shielded Speaker Wire

Audio systems reproduce art. To remain true to that art, every component of the system is scrutinized. The integrity of the cable interconnect is particularly critical, as it is the audio path between the media players, amplifiers and speakers.

Sheer Wire" audio cables maintain the integrity of the signal by utilizing only proven dual-zip-OFC-speaker-cabledesigns and premium grade materials.

Sheer Wire" cabling technology is built on over 20 years of experience in manufacturing professional audio cable. Designed to achieve exceptional imaging, wide frequency response, and low noise, Sheer Wire" audio cables are created on solid engineering principles and physics, not myths. Utilizing only high purity copper and premium compounds, Sheer Wire audio cables achieve a real and measurable difference.

With experience, proven technology and premium materials, Sheer Wire" cable delivers transparent audio reproduction.

High Purity Copper - Exceptionally pure, densely stranded copper yields maximum conductivity.
Low Noise & Attenuation - Premium materials and tight tolerances achieve wide frequency response and low noise.
Easy to Terminate & Install - Unique compounds are easy to strip, terminate with connectors, and pull through walls or conduit.
Footage Markers - Incremental footage markers allow installers to easily identify the amount of cable installed or remaining.
UL Rated - Most Sheer WireT audio cables are UL rated, enabling them to be permanently installed.

Speaker Wire: Low Loss OFC - Oxygen-free Speaker Cable for High Resolution Amplifier oxigen-free-speaker-cableto Speaker Interconnects

 99.999% OFC Copper

 Wide Frequency Response

 Direct Burial and Sunlight Resistant

 Two and Four Conductor Versions

 UL Rated for Permanent Installation


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