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Computer and Networking Cable Products

We supply computer and networking cable products, such as audio/video, coaxial, cat 6, cat 6e, cat 5e, cat 5 cable, connectors, fiber optics, racks and cabinets, cable labeling systems, etc. Please find below the product categories we offer, and contact us for more info or to buy.


Audio Distribution
Audio Distribution Products
Home Theater Speaker Systems

Bulk Copper Cable
Category 1-3 Plenum Voice Cable
Category 1-3 PVC Voice Cable
Category 5e Plenum Data Cable
Category 5e PVC Data Cable
Category 5E (350MHZ) Plenum Data Cable
Category 5E (350MHZ) PVC Data Cable
Category 6 Plenum Data Cable
Category 6 PVC Data Cable
Category 6E PVC Data Cable
Category 6E Plenum
Coax Cables Plenum
Coaxial Cables PVC
Fire Alarm Cable Plenum Nonshielded
Fire Alarm Cable Plenum Shielded
Fire Alarm Cable PVC Nonshielded
Fire Alarm Cable PVC Shielded
Home Automation Cable
Security Cable Plenum Shielded
Security Cable PVC- PVC Nonshelded
Security Cable PVC- PVC Shelded
Security Cable- Plenum Nonshielded
Sound & Audio Cable- Plenum Nonshielded
Sound & Audio Cable- Plenum Shielded
Sound & Audio Cable- PVC Nonshielded
Sound & Audio Cable- PVC Shielded

Cable Management
Cable installation hangers & J hooks
Cable Ties and Acessories
Cable Tray & Ladder Rack
Fire Stop Products
Horizontal& Vertical Rack management
Raised Floor and Floor Cabling Systems
Slotted & Solid Wire Duct
Surface Raceway products

Connectivity Products
Coax Connectors and adapters
Cross Connect Systems
DB style Connectors, adapters, & assenblies RS-232 /serial
Telco 25 pair connectors, adapters & Assemblies

Ethernet Electronics
Ethernet Switches and Hubs
Media Converters

Custom Cable Manufacturer & Wholesaler

Fiber Optic
Fiber Connectors and Terminations
Fiber Consumables
Fiber Installation Kits
Fiber Interduct
Fiber Optic Cable
Fiber Optic Patch Cords
Fiber Patch Panels
Fiber Splicing Products
Fiber Testers
Fiber Tools

Home Automation Products
Home Automation Products
Home Cabling Solutions
Sound, intercom

Labeling & ID
Labeling Systems and Software
Wire, Jack and Patch Panel Labeling

Modular Products
Face Plates
Modular Connectors & adapters
Patch Panels
Surface Boxes and Multimedia Boxes

Outside Plant Products
Copper OPS Splice Closures
Direct Burial Cable Copper Cable
Fiber OPS Splice Closures

Patch Cords
Category 5e Modular Patch Cords
Category 6 Modular Patch Cords
Telco 25 Pair Assemblies

Racks & Cabinets
Freestanding Cabinets
Rack Shelves  
Relay Racks
Wall Mount Racks & Cabinets

Surge, Power, & UPS
Surge and Power Strips
UPS Systems

Tools and Testers
Copper Testers
Fiber Testers   
Fiber Tools
Tools general

Video Distribution
Cameras- Analog and IP
Video Cabling Products

Voice Paging Solutions
Bi-Directional Wall Speakers
AM/FM Tuner/cassette Player
Message On-Hold Announcer
Telephone Access Module

Featured Products

Bulk Cable

 Telecom/Central  Office Products - DS3/DS4 Coax Cable

Voice Data Cable
Voice & Data Cable - Coax
Voice & Data Cable - Telephone

Fiber Optic Cable

Cable Assemblies

 Fibre Optic Cable Assemblies


 TelCom Modular Plugs
 Compression Connectors- BNC, RCA, F
 BNC Coax Connectors

Wall Outlets

  Cat5e, Cat3 Jacks
  Cat6 Gigaband Jacks
  Angled Jacks
  Cat5e Inter-Lock Outlets
  Multimedia Outlets
  Surface Mount Boxes
Bulk Modular Jacks - Cat6, Cat5E & Cat3
CAT 6 Shielded Modular Jacks

Cable Labeling
  Cable ID Labels
  Labeling Software
  Patch Panel, Face Plate Labels
HANDHELD SPIRIT 2100 Portable Printing System
Thermal Transfer Printers
Shrinktrak Heat Shrinkable Markers: Network LabelsCopper Fiber Labels

  Rite-On Markers
  Heat Shrink Labels
  Handheld Label Printers
  Desktop Label Printers

  Fiber Optic Cable Markers

Fiber Optic Installation Products

  Wall Mount Fibre Optic Enclosures
  Rack Mount Optical Fibre Enclosures
  Fiber Adapter Panels
  Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

Cabling Tools

 Punch Down Tools

Test Equipment

Racks and Wire Managers

  Wall Mount Patch Panel Bracket
  Wire Management Brackets
  Cable Management Panels

Open Frame Racks
Free Standing Cabinets
Wall Mount Swing Racks
Shelves for Cabinets & Racks


AFL Telecommunications
SInglemode/Multimode Fiber Tool Kits
Fiber Connectors

Platinum Tools
Punchdown Impact Tools for 110 and 66 Cross Connects

Tone and Probe Kits

Patch Panels

 Gigaband CAT-6 Patch Panels
 Megaband CAT-5e Patch Panels
 100 Base-T Patch Panels, CAT-3, Modular
 Cat-5e Rated 110 Wiring Blocks
 110 Wiring Blocks & Accessories
 Cat-5 Rated 66 Blocks & Accessories
 Cat-6, Cat-5e Patch Cables
 110 Cat-5 Patch Cables
 Telco / Hydra Cable Assemblies

Cable Ties

  Grip Tie Straps
  Low Profile Grip Ties, Mounts
  Grip Tie Rolls
  Standard Cable Ties
  Heavy Duty Lashing Cable Ties
  Mounting Cable Ties
  Releaseable Cable Ties
  Identification Cable Ties
  Cables Ties for Plenum Applications
  Cable Tensioning Tools
  Cable Tie Mounting Bases
  Masonry Mounting Base (MMB)
  Cable Tie Anchor Plate (CTAP)
  Nail Clips
  Cable Clamps

Cable Routing - Raceways

 Infostream, Multi-Channel Raceway
Fiber Optic Protection Systems, Rivets
Mounting Hardware Kits, Converter Kits
Raceway Fittings TSR
Multi-Channel Raceways
Cable Routing Solutions

Sheer Wire
Lighting Cable - Control, Power & Hybrids
Video Cable and Video Cable Assemblies - Coax, Mini Coax, HDMI, DVI, Component, SVHS, Hybrids
HDTV Extraflex Coax, Mini RGB, HDMI to HDMI Cable Assemblies for Uncompressed Video
Audio Cable, Bulk Audio Cables, Speaker Wire, Shielded, Unshielded, Audio and Control, Low Capacitance, Low Loss, High Bandwidth

RapidRun Cabling System for In-Wall Audio Video

ICM Corp
Commercial F Connectors

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