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Lutron Distributor and Wholesaler

Buy Lutron Cable and Control Products for Single Rooms and Whole Buildings - Bulk Lighting Cable for Complex Lighting Systems, Architectural Lighting, Residential and Commercial Applications

Located on the East Coast, our company is a US based Lutron distributor, wholesaler and supplier offering very competitive prices, fast deliveries and excellent customer support. Lutron manufactures control and interconnect products for commercial and residential applications. Data Tech Distributors supplies and wholesales all the Lutron products to customers ranging from cabling installers and electricians to corporate end users, dealers and stores.

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Buy Lutron Cable and Control Products for Single Rooms and Whole Buildings such as Bulk Lighting Cable for Complex Lighting Systems, Architectural Lighting, Residential and Commercial Applications. Contact us today for Lutron prices, installation considerations and a FREE consultation on the best options for your application.

Lutron Commercial Solutions
            Commercial Energy Savings
            Commercial Smart Grid Solutions
            Single Room Solutions
            Whole Building Solutions
            Shading Solutions
            Integration & Connectivity
            Color, Style & Fabrics
Lutron Commercial Applications
            Cultural & Events Centers
            House Of Worship

Lutron Residential Solutions
            Residential Energy Savings
            Residential Smart Grid Solutions
            Single Room Solutions
            Whole Home Solutions
            Shading Solutions
            Integration & Connectivity
            Color, Style, & Fabrics
            Residential Applications



Lutron Stand Alone Controls
            Dimmers & Switches
            Fan Controls
            (Dimmer / Switch)
            Wallplates & Accessories
Lutron Sensors
            Occupancy / Vacancy

Lutron Single Room Controls
            Maestro Wireless
            Spacer System
            RadioRA 2
            GRAFIK Eye 3000
            GRAFIK Eye QS
            Balance LC
            AthliteWhole Home Systems
            RadioRA 2
            HomeWorks QS

Lutron Whole Building Systems
            GRAFIK Eye 4000
            LCP 128
            SoftSwitch Energi Savr Node
            GRAFIK 7000
Lutron Shading Systems
            Sivoia QED
            Sivoia QS
            Sivoia QS Wireless
            Hyperion Solar-adaptive Shading
            Other Systems
Lutron Fluorescent Ballasts
            EcoSystem H-Series
            EcoSystem ballasts
            Hi-lume 3D
            Compact SE
Lutron LED Drivers
            Hi-lume A-Series
Lutron Lighting Fixtures
            Lutron Fixtures

Lighting Cable - Lutron Sivoia Cable, Data & Power Cable and other Control, Power & Hybrid Designs

Our company offers a large diversity of lighting cables for control, power, and hybrid applications, such as Lutron Sivoia Cable, Data & Power Cable for Lutron Grafik Eye, Single Pair Cable for Lutron Vareo and more. As a Sheer Wire distributor we help residential and commercial builders and installers with lighting cable products designed for control, power and hybrid applications.




We serve markets in the USA and Canada and we pride ourselves with fast and reliable deliveries, low prices and excellent customer support. Please see below some of the bulk cable we offer for lighting systems. Contact us Today and Request a Quote for Sheer Wire Lighting Cable, or custom lighting cable.

lutron-sivoia-cableMult-element Cable for Lutron QED Shading Systems.

 18 Gage Shielded Conductors
 16 Gage Power Conductors
 Ground Wire
 Red STripe for Easy Identification
 UL Rated for Permanent Installation

Lutron Sivoia QED Cable - P/N 16/18SVA

 Communication Elements
Conductors: 4 x 18 AWG Stranded BC
Insulation: PE, .015"
Shield: 100% Foil with 20 AWG Drain Wire Stranded TC

 Power Elements
Conductors: 2 x 16 AWG Stranded BC
Insulation: PVC, .015"

 Ground Elements
Conductors: 1 x 18 AWG Stranded BC
Insulation: PVC

 Jacket (Type, Color):
Insulation: PVC PVC, Blue with Red Stripe

 UL Type: CL3 & CM

lutron-sivoia-002Lighting Cable from Sheer Wire

 Lutron Homeworks Power Cable - Low-loss Power Cable for Lutron Systems

 Lutron Homeworks Keypad cable - Data and Power Cable for Lutron Keypads

 Lutron Homeworks Vareo Cable - Single-pair Cable for Lutron Vareo Dimmers

 Lutron Grafik Eye Data and Power Cable for Lutron Grafik Eye Systems

 Lutron Sivoia Mult-element Cable for Lutron QED Shading Systems

 Vantage Control Low-loss power and Data Cable for Vantage Control Systems

 Lite Touch Control Stations Cable - Four Conductor 16 Gage Cable for Lite Touch Systems

 Lite Touch Enclosures and Modules Cable - Four Conductor 22 Gage cable for Lite Touch Systems

cable-lutron-grafik-eyeArchitectural lighting is a critical system in modern residential and commercial spaces. Lighting system cabling no longer consists of simple two or three conductor building wire. Instead, each system has its own unique requirements for power and signal distribution between the power supplies and control panels.

To provide individual system solutions, Sheer Wire lighting cables are produced in a variety of control, power, and hybrid designs. Each lighting cable has a specific construction type to meet the unique requirements of each type and brand of lighting system.

By combining these application-specific designs with time saving features and premium materials, Sheer Wire lighting cables reliably control and simplify the wiring of complex lighting systems.

cable-lite-touch System-specific Designs - Specialized designs often allow for a single cable run to each location, reducing both cost and installation time and enabling a more streamlined installation.

 Premium Insulation Materials - The insulation that isolates each conductor is uniquely specified to meet the required amount of loss and voltage rating.

 Footage Markers - Incremental footage markers allow installers to easily identify the amount of cable installed or remaining.

 Packaged in Reels or Boxes - Cable is packaged on reels or in easy-pull, reel-less boxes.

 Comprehensive Quality Control - Each reel is tested and verified to ensure a consistent and reliable level of quality.

 UL Rated - Most Sheer Wire audio cables are UL rated, enabling them to be permanently installed.


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