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Norfolk Wire Cables and Harnesses

Custom Cable Assemblies and Custom Cable Harnesses, Round, Ribbon, Fiber Optic, MIL SPEC, Coax, RF, Discrete, Signal Harnesses, Power Harnesses, RF Harnesses

Our company offers standard and custom cable assemblies and custom cable harnesses, such as Round, Ribbon, Fiber Optic, MIL SPEC, Coax, RF, Discrete, Signal Harnesses, Power Harnesses, and RF Harnesses. Contact us Today to Request a Quick Quote and Send us your Files for a quick evaluation.

Norfolk Wire
 Custom Voice and Data Cables, Fiber Optics and Telco Assemblies
 Custom Cable Assemblies and Custom Cable Harnesses, Round, Ribbon, Fiber Optic, MIL SPEC, Coax, RF, Discrete, Signal Harnesses, Power Harnesses, RF Harnesses


NW Raleigh cable assembly products include:

Custom Round Cable Assemblies
Custom Discrete Wire Assemblies
Custom Round Connector Assemblies
Custom Ribbon Cable Assemblies
Custom IDC Connector Assemblies
Custom Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
Custom Mil-Spec Cable Assemblies

Also see Harness Assemblies

Custom Coax/Custom RF Cable Assemblies utilizing :
   Semi Rigid cable
   Double shield cable
   Triple shield cable
   SMA connectors
   SMB connectors
   SMC connectors
   BNC connectors
   TNC connectors
   N connectors

Decades  of dependable workmanship are evident in every cable assembly that leaves the NW Raleigh facility. NW Raleigh can assist in the development of your system with innovative solutions  to your problems and customized products, with quality components, to meet your needs.

We offer custom Cable Assemblies with:

  • The  latest and appropriate technologies for our customers needs
  • Highest  quality components, or complete AVL adherence
  • Single-wire cables to multi-wire harnesses with numerous breakouts and terminations, soldered and/or crimped
  • Innovative  production methodologies
  • UL-Approval
  • Adherence to commercial and military specifications
  • The  highest level of quality assurance (ISO-9001:2000  Certified)
  • Customized labeling
  • Expedited orders

To cater to the OEM customer requirements, NW Raleigh manufactures a wide variety of harness assemblies, built entirely to customer specifications. NW Raleigh can also provide expert design assistance and prototyping services for harness and cable connectivity accessories. The products meet all provided customer specifications.

NW Raleigh services include on-budget, on-time delivery, product assembly and modification, labeling, packaging, and more, to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Custom Cable Harness Assemblies

  • Custom Signal Harnesses
  • Custom Power Harnesses
  • Custom RF Harnesses

NW Raleigh commits to maintaining technologies appropriate to our customers' evolving needs both through employee training and education, and capital equipment expenditures.

NW Raleigh maintains an overall defect rate of less than 500 parts per million to our customer base. Our ISO 9001:2000 certification speaks to our quality commitment.

Reliability and responsiveness, at all stages of design and production, result from over four decades of experience. NW Raleigh is committed to building and maintaining solid business relationships.

Excellence in delivery performance is non-negotiable in our business. NW Raleigh lives by this belief and strive for a seamless integration of the cable assemblies into your production line.

Customized design for manufacturing (DFM) techniques and continuous cost-driver review guarantees product cost optimization. This results in optimized prices for the customers.

NW Raleigh is aware of our impact on the environment and they conduct the business operations in an environmentally responsible manner. The products and services are environmentally sound throughout their life cycles.

NW Raleigh supplies products for Test and Measurement, Telecommunications, Contract Manufacturing, EMS, Timing Device, Marine, Digital Imaging, Precision Imaging Devices, Analytical Equipment, Pro Audio Equipment, Broadcast, and Entertainment Industries and they provide full design support as well as recurring manufacturing support to maximize effectiveness and minimize costs during all stages, from initial design through production and delivery.


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