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Bogen Special Purpose Electronics

Ambient Noise Sensor, Voice Activated Relay, VOX, Tone Generator, Night Ringer, Talkback Amplifier, Door Phone, Attenuators, Line-Matching Transformer

Ambient Noise Sensor

ANS501 Ambient Noise Sensor Image


Automatically  adjusts paging level as ambient noise levels rise and  fall

Supports  up to 4 small sensor microphones (1 ANS500M included) for  large areas

Sensor  microphones can be located up to 2,000 feet from control  unit

Easily  connects in at pre-amp out -power amp in process  loop

Input/output:  600-ohm balanced, unbalanced

Voice-Activated Relay


2  sets of C-Form (N.O. & N.C.) relay contacts respond to  audio activity

4  levels of input signals: microphone, 600-ohm line, 25V, &  70V speaker systems

Built-in  balanced, low noise, high gain microphone pre-amp

A  transformer-isolated, 600-ohm small signal level output of  detected audio available

Trigger  threshold adjustment

VAR1 Voice-Activated Relay Image

Tone  Generator

TG4C Tone Generator Image


4  types of tones: steady, pulsed alarm, slow whoop, and  chime

Tones  triggered by external contact closure (momentary or long  duration)

Choice  of continuous generation of tones or two-burst operation  (except for steady tone)

External  audio signal can pass through TG4C and is suppressed during  tone generation

Adjustable  tone level and pitch

600-ohm  output

Night  Ringer


Responds  to 90V ring signals or external contact closures

Produces  dual-frequency electronic ringer tone

Easily  connects to any paging system

Automatically  mutes background music while ringing

Ringer  volume control

Compact  size

Low  current draw

NR100 Night Ringer Image

Talkback  Amplifier

TBA15 Talkback Amplifier Image


Hands-free  2-way conversations through the paging system

15W  of speaker power

Works  on 25V and 70V speaker systems

Adjustable  switching sensitivity control for switching from listen to  talk

Talk  Back and page volume controls

Mute  input forces amplifier into page  mode

Door  Phone


Suitable  for indoor or outdoor station, door, or gate  communications

Secure  entry access to commercial, industrial, or residential  locations

Pushbutton  initiates the call at remote locations

Adjustable  microphone and speaker volumes

Adjustable  call timeout (15 seconds to 2  minutes)

ADP1 Door Phone Image


AT35A Image

AT10A,  AT35A 

Adjusts  loudspeaker output levels on 25V and 70V systems

2  models control up to 10-watt or
35-watt speaker  systems

10  attenuation steps and an off setting

Mounts  in standard electrical box

Simple  connections


ATP10 Image

ATP10,  ATP35

Bypass  feature allows emergency announcements to be heard at highest  level even if local speaker volume is set low or  off

Adjusts  loudspeaker output levels on 25V and 70V systems

2  models control up to 10-watt or
35-watt speaker  systems

10  attenuation steps and an off setting

Mounts  in standard electrical box

Line-Matching  Transformer

WMT1A Line-Matching Transformer Image


Hi-Z,  10k-ohm primary impedance

Lo-Z,  600-ohm secondary impedance, balanced with center  tap

Matches  high-to-low impedance or low-to-high impedance

Adapts  line level signals to
microphone inputs

RCA  connector for Hi-Z side

Screw  terminals for Lo-Z side

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