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On-Q Home Comfort Solutions

Security/Camera, Lighting and Ambiance Controls, Temperature Controls

On-Q-Legrand-CatalogOur company offers On-Q home comfort solutions, such as Security Cameras, Lighting and Ambiance Controls and Temperature Controls. We supply OnQ products to dealers, home builders and installers interested in award winning innovative solutions. The Ultimate Control Solution is best installed during new construction in two steps; at “rough-in” after the Electricians are done, but prior to drywall being installed, and at “trim-out” after the drywall is installed and painted.

On-Q Home Comfort Solutions
Imagine your home responding to your needs and lifestyle. With Comfort Solutions from On-Q/Legrand, the way you live in and around your home will change forever as you gain ultimate control over your lighting and environment. Experience a new world of home comfort and control.

on-q-camerasSecurity / Camera
Home security cameras offer peace of mind by giving you the ultimate control of your safety and security. Our advanced security camera solutions allow you to screen visitors at the door, monitor the baby's room or keep an eye on the kids playing by the pool - without leaving your easy-chair.

  • The high-performance ip video server provides network access to the four cameras included in this Solution for viewing over the Internet from anywhere in the world. The IP Video Server requires only a standard web browser to run - no additional software is needed. An infrared camera allows monitoring in extreme low-light areas.
  • on-q-ball-camera-lcd-kitColor cameras feature an ultra-clear DSP for image control and clarity. The LCD Display mounts in a kitchen or hallway wall, which provides easy access to any camera view without going to a TV. All camera modulators come with a built-in sequencer that allows rotation through multiple camera views on one LCD Display.
  • Watch your kids' room or keep an eye on them by the pool with the On-Q high-resolution, indoor/outdoor surveillance camera. With its sealed metal housings and low-light sensitivity, the weather resistant camera is great for viewing areas outside and around the home. And, you can monitor activity from the comfort and security of any TV in the home.

Automatically adjust your home's lighting and temperature based on the family's schedule and lifestyle. Home Control Solutions provide enhanced comfort, safety, convenience and energy savings by allowing you to program your lighting, on-q-control-moduleheating/cooling and safety from any remote location.

  • Control your HMS using a secure computer network that allows you to program and change your home's lighting, heating and cooling. Includes indoor/outdoor temperature sensor and RF remote control.
  • For expanded capacity in larger homes, the Premium Control Solution supports up to four thermostats and up to eight keypads. A "plug and play" touch screen interface control functions via easy-to- recognize icons.
  • Remotely control your home's lighting and temperature from a touch tone phone with our cost-effective system that lets you program the lighting, heating and cooling around your schedule.

Customized lighting scenes have never been so convenient or simple to program! On-Q Lighting Solutions allow you to control your home's ambiance with one-touch. Programmable lighting control will enhance your comfort and safety

  • Theater - Control groups of lights in a home theater room with the press of a single button. Not only does our Home Theater Lighting Solution give you ultimate control of your home theater lighting, it may be extended to include drapery and screen control. Our flexible and easy-to-use Four-Button Scene Switch may be reprogrammed for new lighting functions at any time.
  • Convenience / Safety - Coming home to a dark house will become a thing of the past with our Convenience/Safety Lighting Solution. A centrally-located ALC Designer Scene Switch allows homeowners to operate groups of lights throughout the home with a press of a single button. From the comfort and safety of their vehicles, homeowners can turn on groups of lights by remote control as they arrive home or turn lights off as they pull out of the driveway.

Please Bbrowse the On-Q Legrand Catalog and Request a Quote for products and accessories. As an On-Q distributor we serve dealers, residential builders and home systems installers across the United States and Canada. Located in Raleigh, NC, our company grew as a major supplier of audio/video, computer and networking products. With excellent customer support, low prices and discounts and fast and reliable deliveries we can be your source for years to come.

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Please fill the Quick Quotes form to request your prices and discounts. We serve home builders, installers and homeowners nationwide. With very high level of customer support and on-the-budget solutions, we are confident we will win your trust and loyalty and we will be your partner for years to come.

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