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Gigabit Ethernet Switches - Smart Switches, Managed Switches, Unmanaged Switches for Enterprise, Education, Government and Residential Applications

The Gigabit Ethernet Edge Switches are designed with enhanced features including port trunking, IGMP, SNMP, VLAN tagging, spanning tree, and broadcast storm filters, this switch is a great solution for campus and enterprise networks. Available in Twenty-four or eight port 10/100/1000Base-TX auto sensing, auto MDI/MDIX ports provide a completely flexible high-performance non-blocking full wire speed solution. Also, with the addition of an optional SFP module for high speed long haul connections, eliminating bottlenecks and creating the ideal backbone.

These switches are ideal for connecting your remote locations with the security and dependability of fiber optics. Other switches have the same features as the with an enhanced feature of GBIC connectivity. With this addition, GBIC can provide flexible, high performance Copper and Fiber connectivity in Corporate, Metropolitan, Campus backbone, and workgroup environments.

These managed switches are the perfect complement to all the higher-level switch equipment. Whether it?s connecting a remote classroom or campus facilities to the server end, these switches are the solution.














MicroGST-5 and 8

Dyna-Switch/16 and 24

Micro-Switch/5, 8, 16, and 24

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