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Hellermann Tyton Cable Installation Products - CAT5E PATCH PANELS

200mhzMegaBand Category 5e Patch Panel
HellermannTyton MegaBand Category 5e patch panels offer the same features as the GigaBand panels; however, they have been developed to fully comply with the Category 5e performance standard. When used with recommended horizontal cables, these patch panels are key components in HellermannTyton’s Category 5e system which has been tested up to 200MHz. HellermannTyton offers Category 5e patch panels in both the AlphaSnap and Universal styles.



Megaband - Alphasnap Patch PanelsCAT5E AlphaSnap " Patch Panel
The HellermannTyton Category 5e AlphaSnap line of patch panels is the ultimate in patch panel technology. The panels are equipped with individual, fully modular printed circuit boards (PCBs). Rather than replace the entire panel, each port can be individually removed and replaced if damaged during installation. Lightweight aluminum rear cable manager, included with panel, provides easy routing into vertical management by providing four Grip Tie mounts that can slide and rotate to accommodate bundles of up to twelve cables. The AlphaSnap panel introduces a patented slide labeling system, providing excellent protection for panel identification. The panels are configured for both T568A and T568B wiring, eliminating the need for additional panels.

 All modules are individually removable and replaceable
 Panel features very sturdy construction with thick rolled-edge steel plates
 Unique, patented slide label system provides a flush front panel face
 Label ramp provides easy insertion of the patented slide label
 Pre-perforated label sheets are available for use with HellermannTyton TagPrint Pro software*
 Configured for 568A or 568B wiring on same panel
 Lightweight aluminum rear cable manager comes with the panel and provides for a neat and organized installation using Grip Ties

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Category 5e AlphaSnap Patch Panel Products


CAT5E Universal Patch PanelsCAT5E Universal Patch Panels

HellermannTyton’s Category 5e Universal patch panels are pre-configured in 12, 24, 48, and 96 port versions to meet the needs of nearly all customer applications. The panels are offered with increments of 6 port modules which can be replaced if damaged during installation.


Category 5e Universal Patch Panels with Rack-Snap Inserts

The 24 and 48 port Universal patch panels are also available with Rack-Snap Inserts, a revolutionary new patch panel fixing which drastically reduces installation time.

 Preassembled with the Rack-Snap inserts
 Eliminates the need for cage nuts
 Snap into standard square holes in the cabinet, making installation easy without the need for tools
 Patch panel can be taken out of the box and snapped directly into the cabinet
 Fits into most manufacturers EIA-310-D standard racks or cabinets with square holes
 Rack- Snap inserts not sold seperately


Category 5e Universal Patch Panels

 6 port modules can be replaced easily if damaged during installation
 Front face provides an attractive, flush appearance
 Write-on labels provided for easy identification
 Self-adhesive labels are available for use with HellermannTyton TagPrint Pro software*
 Universal panels are pre-assembled with T568B wiring; however, they can be used for both T568A and T568B wiring configurations, thus eliminating the need for extra inventory
 HellermannTyton offers a very simple, easy-to-install rear cable manager which is recommended for all Category 5e installations
 Sturdy and smooth rolled edges
 Category 5e Universal Patch Panels with Rack-Snap InsertsClear plastic channel protects PCB and allows easy viewing of wiring labe

Category 5e Universal Patch Panel Productsl

Category 5e AlphaSnap Jack to Jack Patch PanelsCategory 5e AlphaSnap Jack to Jack Patch Panels

With the same features as HellermannTyton’s AlphaSnap 110 style patch panel, the Jack to Jack Patch Panels is configured with RJ45 jacks on both the front and rear of the panel and is ideal for applications with pre-terminated cables. ETL tested and approved for Category 5e Channel performance.

Category 5e AlphaSnap Jack to Jack Patch Panels Products

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