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It's fair to say that electricity is the power that rules the world. We are nothing without energy, light, and everything connected to it. Energy is transmitted via various cables, so their quality is especially important. We use cables to connect audio and video equipment, computers, and many other important things that help us live. If you think that cabling isn't important, try to remember your ordinary day. You get up and certainly take your smartphone off the charger, then go and turn on the coffee maker. Next, you go to college or work and use a laptop to perform your tasks, and the laptop also needs a cable charger. Everything in our life depends on cables, and the Internet is the most important thing. We use it to find valuable information, students hire research paper writers from online services and get many other things to live easier on the Internet. Even the opportunity to find the additional information to do homework should be considered the advantage of the Internet and cables used to provide it. Academic writers study a lot of material to perform the tasks at the highest quality level, and the Internet is the main source for this.

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Copper and Fiber Optic Distributor

Modular_JacksxOur company is a diversified copper and fiber optic distributor offering newest products and technologies for network cabling, computer cabling, and audio video systems for commercial and residential markets.

As one of the most reliable cables supplier, Data Tech Distributors can be your One Stop Source for network cables, computer cables, audio cables, video cables, as well as copper and fiber bulk cable, cable labeling products, bundling and securing products, data cabinets, patch panels, cabling tools and testers, custom cable assemblies, built to specs cables, OEM cables and more.

Cabling Wholesaler

Data Tech Distributors is a company dedicated to providing consistently high quality products and excellent service with the shortest lead times. Being a US based cabling wholesaler and supplier for many years makes us an ideal partner to customers ranging from corporate end-users, data centers, IT departments, category cabling installers, fiber optic installers, residential builders, cabling contractors, to dealers, resellers, electronics stores, computer stores and more.

Structured Cabling Distributor

Located on the East Coast we are a customer driven company always interested in newest technologies for structured cabling, computer cabling, server cabling, fiber installations, copper installations and audio video installations. We react quickly to the changing needs of the market and our customers can rely on us for very competitive prices and excellent customer service.

Our company offer High Quality Audio Video, Computer, and Networking Products & Cabling Installation Tools, such as Hellermann Tyton, Hitachi Cable Manchester, Optical Cable Corporation/ SMP Data Communications, Tripp Lite, On-Q Legrand, Fluke Networks, Paladin Tools, Unicom, Coleman Cable, Winston International, AFL International, Greenlee, Bogen Communications, Mil-Spec Assemblies, Custom Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses and more (see full list). If you are interested in any of the products we distribute, manufacture or supply, please contact us.

Cabling Supplier - Your One Stop Source for Computer, Networking and Audio Video Installations

catxWe provide a wide variety of products and accessories to help you build and maintain your installation. We really want to become your preferred cabling supplier for all your Data and Voice requirements. Just let us know how we can be of service.

Cables Liquidators

Cables liquidation is one of our specialties. If you are interested in copper and fiber optic cables at liquidation prices, surplus bulk cable, closeouts etc., please contact us to discuss your needs. Cabling technologies evolve very fast, however the older solutions could be perfect for your installation and they will cost you a fraction. As cables liquidators with sourcing capabilities from leading manufacturers we pride ourselves with great opportunities and bargain deals everyday.


Exceptional Service to Corporate End Users, Stores, Dealers, Resellers, Cabling Installers, Cabling Contractors, Fiber Optic Installers, Fiber Optic Contractors and more

We provide much more than high quality cabling products, we also provide  exceptional service to customers ranging from Corporate End Users, to Stores, Dealers, Resellers, Cabling Installers, Cabling Contractors, Fiber Optic Installers, Fiber Optic Contractors and more.

Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in copper and fiber optic cabling and will quickly identify, assess and recommend the best solutions within your budget.

If you know the product Part Numbers, structured cabling system or data and voice installation technologies you are interested in, please Request a Quote for professional and courteous service. If you are still in the research phase we will help you compare the advantages and benefits of couple of product lines with time horizons ranging from short to long runs. We know you need your solution as quickly as possible and we will help you decide what is best for you in days, not weeks or months.

CABLING DISTRIBUTORS and CABLES WHOLESALE - Warehouse in Raleigh, North Carolina
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Copper and Fiber Optic Cabling Specialists, Structured Cabling Systems, Newest Technologies and Products

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